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Ductwork Solutions in Baton Rouge, LA

When you think about your home HVAC system, what comes to mind? Probably the big main unit, and maybe the outdoor part as well. But do you ever think about the “V,” that is, the ventilation? Your ducts play as important a role in your home comfort as any other part. And in fact, sometimes a more important part! In order to get the most from your comfort systems, your ducts should be inspected, serviced, and sealed on a consistent basis.

And you’ve found just the team to do the job! The residential HVAC specialists at AccuTemp have the skill and experience necessary to provide a full suite of duct services. With our training and knowledge on your side you can be guaranteed ducts that offer clean, healthy air flow that can boost your comfort significantly.

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Duct Inspections

Your ducts are in service all year long, carrying cooled air in the summer, and heat when you need it come the winter months. The sheer frequency of use can take quite a toll on them, creating many complications that can lessen your comfort and reduce the efficiency of your home comfort systems.

Our duct inspections offer a single-source solution for your ducted systems! Using our diagnostic tools and training we can find weak areas in the ducts and generate a customized service that meets your specific needs.

How Often Do I Need Duct Inspection?

Outside of unusual circumstances, your ducts should be checked and serviced once every 3-5 years, depending on your frequency of HVAC use, the type of system you have, and whether or not you have allergies. If you’re unsure on whether or not you need a service, our team is happy to help you build a plan that works best for you.

Duct Sealing Services

One of the most common ways for a homeowner to lose efficiency is through air leaks that come about due to improperly sealed ducts. This can be from pinholes that develop over time, or can come about as a result of improperly installed or dented ducts. Our sealing specialists offer a thorough investigation of your duct system guaranteed to find any weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Duct Insulation

If ducts aren’t properly insulated you find many of the same problems as you would with improperly sealed ducts. Conditioned air escapes, making your HVAC system work far harder than it needs to. This can result in poor comfort control, higher costs, and even worse, repair bills. Our duct experts can assess the insulation levels of your ducts and determine whether or not you need more via a cost versus benefit analysis.

Complete Residential Duct Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

At AccuTemp we make it our mission to provide clients with reliable services, cost-effective solutions, and a level of care that’s a cut far above the rest. When you want a team that offers the services you need, and not just a sales pitch, we’re the professionals you want at your side.

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