What You Should Know About Carpets & Indoor Air Quality

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By now, most homeowners understand the importance of changing their filters on a regular basis to help improve indoor air quality and maintain the efficiency of your system. But one thing you may not have realized is that any carpeting in your home can act as an air filter that slowly chips away at your air quality. 

Be mindful of the following information from our HVAC contractor near Denham Springs, but know that we are here to answer your questions if you have them. 

How Your Carpets Keep Air More Breathable

It’s natural for carpets to trap microscopic particles, but when they reach a certain level of saturation, carpets are no longer effective at acting as a barrier. 

This is also applicable in your office space; if you have a surplus of carpets, there’s a chance they are contributing to high levels of pollution that can lead to underlying health issues.

Does Vacuuming Help?

Your first instinct may be to pull out the vacuum. While that is helpful, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. Vacuuming still leaves pollutants behind which increases their chances of circulating throughout the air. If your home or business doesn’t have the right ventilation, these particles can cause damage.

What Can You Do?

Make sure that all of your air vents are exposed and not blocked off by furniture to help keep air flowing. Keeping up with HVAC maintenance, such as reaching out to our HVAC contractor in Denham Springs, can help you stay on top of any issues stemming from your carpet. 

Of course, getting your carpet professionally cleaned is also helpful, but make sure there is a drying method at the end of the process to ensure mold and mildew don’t form as a result. 

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