Sconce Lighting To Illuminate Home Exteriors

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Your home’s exterior lights are more important than ever during the long nights of winter. Pulling up to a dark house after a tiring day of work robs you of the cozy “welcome home” feeling that you could enjoy. Installing a few light sconces outside your home dramatically improves its aesthetic appeal both during the day and after the sun’s set.

What is Sconce Lighting?

Sconce lights include a fixture, typically attached to a wall, which houses a light source. Originally, sconces were used to hold candles or torches. These days sconce lights use LED and incandescent bulbs rather than fire.

Sconces usually include a backplate, an arm, and a “shade.” The backplate secures the sconce to a wall and hides any wiring or electrical boxes. Extending from the backplate, the arm holds the light and the shade in place. And the shade covers the light, often in glass, diffusing its rays to provide a softer, gentler glow.

Types of Sconces

Sconces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some sport elaborate and decorative designs while others favor understated aesthetics meant to blend into their surroundings. Given their origins as torch and candle holders, sconces often resemble lanterns or candles. The unending variety ensures that you’ll be able to find a sconce that perfectly fits the look and feel of your home.

Benefits of Scone Lighting

Exterior sconce lights often hang above or beside entryways. When compared to recessed lighting or spotlights, they offer a homier feel that welcomes guests rather than simply illuminating a door. Their shade amplifies this welcoming feeling by softening the light while protecting the bulb from damage.

Typically installed at or just above eye-level, sconce lights also tend to be more accessible than overhead lighting. So changing their bulb or performing repairs generally doesn’t require a ladder or step stool of any kind.

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