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Commercial Hood Vent Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

Hood vent, range hood, exhaust vent, extractor fan—no matter what name you know it by, hood vents play an integral role in keeping your commercial kitchen operating smoothly. Without an adequate hood vent maintaining air quality can become a nightmare, and you open your business and employees up to plenty of kitchen fire risks. When it’s time to have yours installed, you want the job handled by trained professionals that know exactly how to get the job done right—and right within the context of your unique needs.

In the Baton Rouge area, getting the best in mechanical installation means calling on AccuTemp! Our commercial service specialists have been providing HVAC, ventilation, and mechanical solutions to commercial clients for years, and with our extensive knowledge and practical experience, we make the ideal pick when you want top-class workmanship and trustworthy results.

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Commercial Hood Vent Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

Hood vents come in a very wide range of styles, types, and sizes. Precisely matching all of these variables, as well as a few others, is imperative if you expect to actually gain the advantages that these systems can provide. That’s why our professionals begin with an assessment of your needs as a whole. Your existing equipment, current exhaust systems, the size of your structure, type of business—we miss absolutely nothing, and we take every factor into account in order to match your needs with the ideal option to suit.

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The Benefits of Professional Hood/Exhaust Vent Installation

What’s the big deal about a hood vent? A new vent that has been designed and installed with the warranted precision and care can benefit your business by:

  • Minimizing fire hazards. By sweeping away airborne grease and combustible chemicals, a hood vent drastically reduces the risks of a flare-up that can result in serious harm or property damage.
  • Eliminating smoke. Smoke is more than just annoying. It’s thick, it’s gross smelling, and above all, it makes it hard to breathe. A hood vent’s primary goal is to eliminate this harmful byproduct, maintaining the health of kitchen staff and clients.
  • Reducing funky odors. Tired of your commercial kitchen smelling like a century old grease trap? If so, it may be time to update your hood vents! This is one the most efficient ways to minimize funky odors in the workplace.
  • Improving kitchen comfort. While it’s not the primary goal of a hood vent, these systems do add an appreciable amount of heat exhaust as well. And if you’ve spent any amount of time in a kitchen, you know that you need all of the heat extraction you can get!
  • Higher air quality. By removing allergens, smoke, chemical vapors, and excess moisture, you can improve the indoor air quality at your business. Higher air quality can lead to better health for your employees, especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies. It can also reduce sick time and leave.
  • Better productivity. When your employees feel better, they can work more efficiently and productively, leading to higher profits.
  • Code compliance. By installing a quality ventilation system, you can ensure you are compliant with all workplace health and safety codes.

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Commercial Hood Vent & Exhaust Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Is it time to update the hood vents in your Baton Rouge business? You’re in the right place! Our experts place prime importance on providing top class workmanship and quality, and we don’t rest until your needs have been completely and effectively met.

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