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Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance

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No matter what kind of business we’re talking about, success always lies in productivity, efficiency, and reliability. And your cooling equipment is no different. Maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring your AC stays at the peak of its ability to perform, and it’s not a service you want to trust to just anyone. You want experts who are devoted to superior service, and ones who have the tools and training to handle the job effectively. You’ll find that the experts at AccuTemp are more than up to the task.

We’ve built our business on offering commercial clients services that are as trustworthy and reliable as they are effective, and we stop at nothing to ensure you get exactly the quality you deserve. For superior maintenance services for central cooling systems, Rooftop units, heat pumps, and specialized cooling equipment, AccuTemp is the name to know.

Ready to schedule air conditioner maintenance for your commercial business in Baton Rouge? Contact AccuTemp online! Or if you prefer to speak to us directly, feel free to dial (225) 926-2243 any time!

Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

The purpose of an annual tune-up is twofold: air conditioner maintenance plays a major role in keeping efficiency up and energy costs low, and it also serves to avoid the many complications that arise from general wear and tear. But in order for the service to be effective it has to be exceptionally thorough, which is why our team offers extensive maintenance services that include:

  • System cleaning
  • Component checks
  • Electrical connection inspections
  • Performance evaluation
  • Condensate line and drain inspection
  • Lubrication for moving components
  • And more

At AccuTemp our AC company understands that no service works exactly the same for every single business in Baton Rouge. Your needs and the needs of your particular equipment are unique, and so we go the extra mile by customizing our maintenance programs to suit your business precisely.

The Benefits of Routine Commercial AC Maintenance

Though we might argue fairly strongly that maintenance is an obligation (especially if you want to keep your air conditioner warranty valid), it’s not at all a bad thing. When sought with regularity, air conditioner maintenance can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency. Your cooling equipment accounts for a huge amount of the energy listed on your utilities, and ideally you want those to stay as reasonable as possible. Maintenance is a crucial part of this, as many of the optimizations we perform will boost efficiency, cutting the costs of keeping your AC system running.
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and high repair costs. Much reduced, in fact. We wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that more than half of the repair services we provide in Baton Rouge could have been completely prevented if the business owner had been keeping up with air conditioner maintenance.
  • Longer cooling equipment lifespan. The ideal lifespan for a cooling system lies around the 15-20 year marks, and maintenance is absolutely crucial if you want to hit these. The cleaning and calibrations are vital to keeping the system away from trouble and working at its best.
  • Air quality control. A squeaky clean HVAC system not only boost efficiency, but also removes one of the largest sources of air pollution within your business. That means less dust and pollen, leaving your business smelling better and your air healthier.

Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance with AccuTemp

Ready to get your commercial air conditioning system whipped into shape and working at its best this spring and summer? Contact the experts at AccuTemp today, and for even more benefits, perks, and perfect service, be sure to ask about signing on for a maintenance package!

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