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Breaker Panel Services

in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Breaker Panel Upgrades, Replacements & Repairs

The panel in your Baton Rouge home is responsible for keeping your family safe and your electrical systems operating properly. If you’re experiencing frequent breaker trips or it’s time for a panel upgrade, you can count on the certified local electricians at AccuTemp to provide for all of your needs.

Our trained Baton Rouge electricians are experienced and highly knowledgeable, providing you with a one-stop shop for all of your electrical panel needs. Connect with our team for:

  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Electrical panel repairs
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • And for our other electrical services!

Looking for a breaker panel service professional or electrical contractor “near me” in Baton Rouge, LA? Contact AccuTemp online, or call (225) 465-0790!

Electrical Panel Replacement in Baton Rouge

The average lifespan of a modern breaker panel is quite long, often spanning 30-40 years or more. However, many things can decrease the panel’s lifespan prematurely and exponentially. Humid, hot areas are near the top of the list, and as Louisiana homeowners, this is a particularly relevant problem!

If you need an electrical panel replacement, or if you’re unsure and need the experience and knowledge of a professional Baton Rouge electrician to help you make the right call, then AccuTemp is the name you need to know.

Electrical Panel Repairs

If your breaker panel begins to cause trouble or starts to worry you with odd electrical odors, frequent breaker trips, or a failure to keep up with your home’s electrical needs, just connect with AccuTemp. Our trained electricians and electrical repair specialists have the skill and knowledge needed to assess your electrical panel issues and to provide prompt, affordable solutions that ensure your home stays safe and electrically-supplied.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Also commonly known as a “heavy-up,” a panel upgrade increases the safe amperage that your electrical panel can supply to your home. This is an important service for modern homes, or even for homes that are going through restoration, because we use a lot more electrical tools and systems than we did even a few years ago. Attempting to draw more load than your home can handle results in:

  • Frequent breaker trips or fuse blow-outs
  • Flickering lights and appliances
  • Overloading
  • Increased wiring wear
  • And even the potential for electrical fires!

Need to increase your amperage with a breaker panel upgrade? Contact AccuTemp to schedule a consultation!

Can I DIY a Panel Replacement or Upgrade?

Unfortunately, electrical work does not fall under the list of tasks you can DIY as a homeowner. Electrical work is dangerous, and it requires extreme levels of precision in order to operate properly.

One wire that is incorrectly sized, or a single miscalculation in installing your panel, could suddenly fry the electrical systems in your entire home. In addition, you also cannot do work on permanent electrical fixtures in your home without a permit. And even then, if you did get the permit, the job would have to pass our local electrical codes!

In the end, it’s safer, more cost-efficient, and far less of a headache to have breaker panel services be performed by a trained and experienced industry veteran.

Schedule Breaker Panel Services in Baton Rouge, LA

AccuTemp is proud to offer comprehensive, high-quality electrical services to local homeowners in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. No matter your needs, from a simple upgrade to a complete overhaul and replacement, we’re the electrical pros to connect with when you want top-quality services and results.

Contact us online to schedule a panel upgrade or breaker panel replacement in Baton Rouge, LA!

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