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Generator Repair in Baton Rouge, LA

A standby generator is an effective way to keep the electricity on and your home comfortable during a power outage, whether it is caused by a storm, an accident, or problems at the utility provider. At the heart of a home generator is an engine, and like the one in your car, it can occasionally break down.

When you have problems with your standby generator, talk to our team at AccuTemp. We offer standby generator repair throughout the Baton Rouge area, and our service team can diagnose and correct many common generator problems. We service standby generators and whole-home generators from many of the top manufacturers.

If you are searching for “generator repair near me,” look no further than AccuTemp. We offer reliable, effective generator repair services in Baton Rouge, Livingston, West Lakeshore, and the surrounding areas. Call (225) 926-2243 or contact us online to schedule generator service today!

When To Call a Professional for Generator Repair

If your home generator has major problems, it may simply run rough, fail to start, shut down prematurely, or stop producing electricity. In those cases, you will definitely need professional generator repair. Sometimes, the problems will be less obvious. When this happens, your generator may continue running, but its performance will gradually become worse. You should call our service team if you notice any of the following:

  • Overheating – An overheating generator can cause internal damage as the cylinder heads warp, the crankcase deforms, head gaskets fail, and the oil thins out and loses its ability to lubricate.
  • Low coolant levels – If your coolant is low, the generator may overheat, leading to a shutdown or even internal damage. Low coolant can also be a sign that damage has already occurred, with a failed head gasket allowing coolant to leak into the oil, exhaust, or elsewhere.
  • Low oil – An oil leak or low oil levels could cause a low-oil shutdown, increased internal friction, or even mechanical damage.
  • Fuel leaks – If your generator is leaking natural gas, not only can it cause a risk of fire, but it can also throw off the air-fuel ratio, causing breakdowns or performance problems. If you have a portable generator that is leaking gasoline or diesel fuel, it can cause a fire risk, performance problems, or environmental damage.
  • Battery failure – If your battery is no longer holding a proper charge, your generator may have trouble starting, or it may fail to start at all.
  • Moisture intrusion If the housing of your standby generator is damaged, it may allow rain or snow to enter during a storm, shorting out the generator’s starting and charging system, or the electrical output of the generator itself. If you have a portable generator, it should never be used during wet conditions, due to electrocution risks.
  • Electrical problems – Loss of generator output may be due to anything from a tripped breaker or damaged transfer switch to a failure in the generator’s electrical system.

Any of these problems can cause generator failures and correcting them quickly may reduce the chances of serious damage. Contact AccuTemp today for generator service in Baton Rouge!

Call AccuTemp for Generator Repair in Baton Rouge

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we can repair these generator problems and almost any others you may encounter. Our generator repair services are cost-effective and reliable, and we will respond quickly to your generator repair call so that you can get back up and running faster.

Call us today at (225) 926-2243 or contact us online for generator repair in the Baton Rouge area!