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Ground Wire Installation

in Baton Rouge, LA

If your home experiences a power surge, if lightning strikes, or if your wires experience a complication, it’s your grounding system that grabs up all of that excess voltage and takes it safely to ground. If your home or business lacks proper grounding, as many older homes and structures in Baton Rouge do, then you can trust the certified electricians at AccuTemp for ground wire installation.

Need an electrician to install ground wire “near me” in Baton Rouge, or do you suspect that your home may lack safe electrical grounding systems? Contact AccuTemp online, or call (225) 926-2243 to schedule an appointment!

Ground Wire Installation & Service in Baton Rouge, LA

Our experienced electricians have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure your home is protected against the potential problems that can arise from a lack of grounding wire. Whether you need an appliance grounded, or your entire historic Baton Rouge home, we will handle the job with precision and care to make certain you’re well protected against electrical troubles.

What Do I Do If There Is No Ground Wire?

Whether you’re talking about electrical outlet wiring or the main service panel, if there are no ground wires present in your home, the best thing to do is call on an electrician as soon as possible. Should your appliances misbehave, your wire networks experience a short, or even if a mouse decides to chew on a wire or two, you’re in for some serious electrical damage without a ground.

Unsure whether your home uses grounded wiring or not? We can help! Ungrounded homes commonly lack three-prong outlets, and instead use the old two-prong types that only contain wiring for the “hot” and neutral wires. The roundish, upside-down “U” shaped hole is for the ground. Additionally, electrical grounding was far less common 30 years ago, so older homes often lack a grounding system.

Are Ground Wires Necessary?

While the electrical appliances and outlets in your home can operate without a ground wire, strictly speaking, it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone. Without a proper ground wire in your outlet boxes and a grounding network set up for your home you’re far more likely to experience electrical issues—and many of them.

Short-circuiting is not at all uncommon, and without a ground present in your electrical outlet wiring, that short circuit will run instead to other materials around the wire. This may be nearby pipes, flammable insulation, or wooden structures near the outlet or appliance. In short, grounding is necessary if you don’t want to deal with a high potential for electrical fires and fried appliances!

Electrical Grounding Services in Baton Rouge, LA

As a long-time HVAC and electrical company serving Baton Rouge, our top priorities have always been your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. If you need electrical grounding services, either for a single outlet, a series of outlets, or your entire home, then you have come to the right place.

AccuTemp provides top class electrical installation and repair services in Louisiana. Contact us online, or call (225) 465-0790 for a consultation now!

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