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Outlet Repair & Replacement in Baton Rouge, LA

Electrical outlets are so commonplace that we do not think about them often. But, if you have a loose, damaged, or malfunctioning outlet, not only may it stop working, but it could also cause a risk of fire. If you notice that an outlet has stopped working and the cause is more than a tripped breaker, it is important to have it checked as soon as possible.

At AccuTemp, we offer a full range of quality electrical services throughout the Baton Rouge area, including outlet repair and replacement. Our licensed, professional electricians can determine what caused the outlet to fail, and provide safe, reliable replacements or repairs as necessary. We serve homeowners in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, including East Lakeshore, Jackson Terrace, Livingston, Tara, and more. We also feature high-quality heating, air conditioning, and standby generator services.

When you need an experienced electrician for outlet repair, replacing outlets, electrical outlet wiring, or other home electrical services, trust our team at AccuTemp. Contact us online for electrical services in Baton Rouge!

Troubleshooting a Faulty Electrical Receptacle

A malfunctioning electrical receptacle, or outlet, can be inconvenient, especially if it is in a frequently used area. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that can help to determine if that outlet is irreversibly damaged, why it stopped working, and if replacing it is required:

  • Multiple electrical outlets not working – If all the outlets on a single circuit are off, the problem may be a tripped breaker and replacing outlets may not be necessary. Try turning the circuit breaker off, then back on to reset it. If it trips frequently, there may be a more serious problem.
  • No power to outlet – If the breaker is not tripped, the outlet may have failed internally or there may be problems with the electrical outlet wiring. If replacing the outlet does not restore power, the wiring should be inspected.
  • Outlet has power but does not work – If you can verify the outlet has power with a non-contact meter, but devices plugged into it either do not work or work intermittently, you may have weak or loose connectors inside the outlet. A loose outlet will not hold plugs securely and may cause sparking that can start a fire. Replacing loose outlets the safest solution.
  • GFCI outlet stopped working – If the breaker is not tripped, and the reset button of the GFCI outlet does not restore power, the GFCI outlet may have failed or there could be wiring problems. If replacing the outlet does not work, have the wiring inspected.
  • GFCI reset button stuck – If the test button on a GFCI is stuck or the reset button won’t stay in when pushed, the outlet has failed mechanically and must be replaced.
  • Outdoor outlet stopped working – Most outdoor outlets are of the GFCI type. Try pressing the test button, followed by the reset button. If power is not restored, an outlet replacement may be necessary or the wiring may need to be inspected.

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