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Improve Your Comfort and Home Energy Savings

As a company that strives to be the best in home performance, we take a whole-home approach that looks at home as a complete system so that your HVAC systems give you total comfort. When you need home performance that performs for you, AccuTemp’s comprehensive home energy audit is the first step to living in comfort, reducing your utility and energy bills and improving the air quality in your home.

Do I Need a Home Performance Evaluation?

Generally speaking and for most clients we would say absolutely—especially if you’ve not had one in the past five years. Evaluations are important for two major reasons. First, our homes experience considerable wear and tear over time, opening them up to air leaks, outdated technology, and poor insulation levels that all lead to less comfort and higher energy costs.

Second, technology advances by leaps and bounds every single year. That means what was great maybe five, ten years ago is now essentially completely outdated, and it’s likely very inefficient by modern standards. Performance evaluations serve to ensure you’re kept up to date and getting the absolute maximum benefit from your home’s systems and structure.

Not sure if it’s time to get a performance test? Call on AccuTemp at any time to find out! We’re happy to help our clients determine if they can benefit from our performance evaluation services!

What Are the Benefits of an Evaluation?

By seeking a professional performance test and assessment you stand to gain a wide array of tangible benefits, including:

  • Higher home comfort. By updating insulation, optimizing and sealing ductwork, and by getting similar services you can expect to feel the difference. Conditioned air stays in, outside air stays out, and your HVAC works more smoothly overall.
  • Lowered energy costs. Both by reducing the workload of your HVAC systems and by optimizing electrical components and appliances in your home you can expect to shell out far less on average on energy and gas costs.
  • Improved air quality. Outdoor air intrusion and shoddy ducts can both lead to outdoor air getting and. And that means all of the air pollutants that come with it! By improving the home envelope ad reducing duct leaks we can help you breathe easier and healthier.
  • A safer home structure. Insulation accounts for keeping conditioned air where it belongs and helping to minimize air leaks. And it also serves to reduce moisture intrusion in places like crawl spaces and attics. That means less risks of rot, mold infestation, and other common problems that lead to weak walls and floors.
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Home Performance

Home Performance For Total Comfort

Many houses leak twice as much air as they should; causing HVAC systems to inefficiently operate, and in many cases, leaks will distribute stuffy air from crawl spaces, basements and attic spaces throughout your living area. Home performance service is crucial because it’s important to keep every space in your home livable and comfortable. As a home performance company, we do everything we can to help your systems last longer.

Our energy evaluation process is conducted by certified energy analysts and involves a series of tests, inspections and calculations. We evaluate and inspect insulation levels, ductwork, HVAC equipment, water heating and lighting, and special construction details like crawl spaces, knee walls and living areas above a garage to check for comfort and energy efficiency.

Once your home energy evaluation is complete, we’ll help you decide which energy-saving upgrades will bring you the most comfort, improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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