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Basement & Crawl Space Insulation Installation

in Baton Rouge, LA

Heat loss, heat gain, and other forms of the stack effect are most prevalent in two places in a Baton Rouge home: the attic and your basement or crawl space. Is your crawl space insulation up to snuff, or are you looking at tons of wasted comfort and efficiency? Find your answers, and the superior services to accompany them, by reaching out the insulation experts at AccuTemp!

Each member of the AccuTemp team is trained and experienced, as well as licensed and certified. We’re the name you can trust for quality service and workmanship, and we are never satisfied with our work until you are.

For crawl space and basement insulation, call on the experts at AccuTemp! Contact our Baton Rouge insulation team by dialing (225) 465-0790 or schedule service online!

Basement & Crawl Space Insulation Installers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It’s extremely easy for the insulation initially installed in a crawl space or a basement to be completely inadequate—an issue that leads to low comfort and efficiency levels, as well as an increase in humidity and mold within a home. That’s why when you’re seeking an installation team, whether for new home construction or for adding or replacing insulation in an existing space, you need the benefit of a service team that knows insulation up and down.

AccuTemp offers leading services, top-class products and equipment, and the benefit of our years of experience in handling residential insulation projects in Baton Rouge. When you connect with our team, we’ll perform a complete evaluation in order to accurately assess your needs and provide the ideal insulation options.

Contact us today to schedule basement or crawl space insulation installation in Baton Rouge!

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Insulation

  • What type of insulation should be used in a basement? The answer here can actually change quite a bit based on the space. For example, a finished basement may need a different approach to a crawl space with dirt floors. For the most part, proper basement insulation involves a combination of air leak sealing techniques and insulation.
  • Do basement walls need insulation? In almost all cases, absolutely. Generally, the colder the climate, the higher the benefits of insulating basement walls—even here in Louisiana, basement walls can benefit from a moderate R-Value of insulation.
  • Do you need a vapor barrier in basement walls? In many ways, the answer here will change according to how your basement was constructed and what type of insulation you are using. Applied incorrectly, a vapor barrier can actually ruin certain forms of insulation (like blanket insulation) by trapping moisture in them. However in many cases using a vapor barrier, either constructed as an encasement for the applied insulation, or as a protectant for the right form of insulation, can offer a lot of advantages.

Uncertain about the quality or condition of your home’s basement or crawl space insulation? Call on AccuTemp to find out how a home performance evaluation can help!

Contact AccuTemp for Basement Insulation Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

When you need insulation for your home basement or crawl space, only the best will do. That’s why you’re doing yourself a favor when you contact AccuTemp, a team at the forefront of the crawl space insulation companies in Baton Rouge!

Connect with us online today to find out more, or to schedule your insulation assessment in Baton Rouge!

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