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When it comes to your cooling system, would you prefer one that offers high reliability and efficiency, or one that barely keeps up with your needs? The former, of course. How do you get it? By scheduling routine annual air conditioner maintenance! Routine service and cleaning are the keys to keeping your cooling equipment at the top of its game, and the experts at AccuTemp are ready to ensure you get the quality maintenance you need!

For a decade now our team has been offering customized services and streamlined solutions to Baton Rouge homeowners. Through our extensive training, experience, and top of the line equipment we can offer air conditioner maintenance services that are a cut above. When you need services from professionals you can trust, we’re the name you need to know.

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Residential AC Maintenance in Baton Rouge

Air conditioner maintenance serves to keep your costs to a minimum and your comfort as high as possible. This is accomplished through an array of tune-up services that aim to both counteract the general wear and tear on a system in use, and to also perform inspections that avoid breakdowns. You can essentially think of it the same way you do about a vehicle tune-up, but instead of improving mileage, you’re improving energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Our trained maintenance specialists have the breadth of knowledge necessary to perform thorough air conditioner maintenance services for all types and brands of cooling equipment, from heat pumps to forced central air. A typical AC maintenance visit includes:

  • Thorough system cleaning
  • Component checks
  • Electrical connection inspections
  • Performance inspections
  • Inspection of the condensate drain system
  • Lubrication of applicable moving parts
  • And more

The Benefits of Routine Annual AC Maintenance

If you’re wondering whether or not there are actual notable benefits to air conditioner maintenance, we’ve got some good news. The benefits are huge and largely speak for themselves:

  • Reduced energy costs. By keeping your air conditioner’s airflow healthy, we can reduce the energy it needs to consume to get the job done, directly translating to savings on your monthly energy costs.
  • Better home comfort. A streamlined system does a way better job of keeping up with the heat and humidity we deal with in Baton Rouge.
  • Longer AC lifespans. There’s no denying that cooling systems, while necessary, are a huge investment. That means you want to keep yours running for as long as possible, and air conditioner maintenance is the ideal way to ensure you actually reach the unit’s projected lifespan.
  • Improved air quality. A ton of the muck and mess that gets cleared out during a maintenance visit would otherwise end up in the air in your home.
  • A far lower risk of a breakdown. Would you believe us if we told you that more than half of our repair calls could have been completely avoided if the homeowner had been getting regular maintenance? It’s absolutely true!

For even more benefits and full-coverage services, ask about joining an AccuTemp maintenance package!

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When you want to get the full advantages that a well-maintained cooling system can provide, contact AccuTemp! Our service professionals work ceaselessly to ensure clients get the absolute best in products, services, and superior results.

Contact us online now to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance, or call today to talk to a specialist about signing up for an AccuTemp Maintenance Package.

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