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A properly functioning cooling system is absolutely vital during the summer, and often spring, seasons in Baton Rouge. Is your air conditioner giving you some trouble? Maybe it is making some strange noises, or maybe it’s falling behind on keeping humidity down in your home? No matter what kind of issue you’re dealing with, you want prompt, professional HVAC technicians on your side when things go awry with your air conditioner. And that’s where AccuTemp comes in.

Our air conditioning experts have been meeting the needs of Baton Rouge homeowners for over a decade now. We’ve built our business on being the best, offering trustworthy solutions, and keeping cost-effectiveness in mind for our clients. Whether your needs are small or large, complex or simple, we’re the experts that can get the job done right!

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Residential Air Conditioner Repair in Baton Rouge

A proper air conditioner repair service is one that is prompt, and one that puts your needs first. It’s hot and it’s muggy, and you don’t want to wait around for sub-par services! With AccuTemp you’ll never get the short end of the stick. We offer superior AC repair services, and with the benefit of our extensive training and cutting-edge diagnostic tools we can guarantee air conditioner repair that is as swift as it is accurate.

Is this an air conditioner emergency? Call AccuTemp for 24-hour air conditioner repair services in the Baton Rouge area!

Signs You need AC Repair

When it comes to air conditioner problems, time can be a very, very important factor. Catching an issue early is often the difference between a simple air conditioner repair and a far more costly one, or even a complete system replacement. Many issues only get worse with time, so keep an eye out for:

  • Loud or weird noises. Strange noises are often a homeowners first indication that there is any issue at all. And you should definitely pay attention to these! Clanks, squeals, bangs, wheezes—none of these are normal, and they all correspond to a larger issue in the AC system.
  • Unusual odors. Musty, dusty odors coming from the air conditioner are usually related to dust in the system. Check your air filter first to make sure you don’t need to replace it, but if the filter is fine give AccuTemp a call!
  • Loss of cooling power. Is your air conditioner trying to make its debut as a second furnace? Losses in cooling power or the system blowing hot air can be caused by a wide range of issues, but we’ve seen and fixed them all.
  • Increases in energy costs. A 10 or 20% spike in cooling costs is far from normal—and something you should pay close attention to on a monthly basis.
  • Air quality problems. Is your home muggy or excessively moist? Cooling systems handle humidity as a secondary function, so a damp home often indicates an issue with the cooling system as a whole.

Dealing with any of the above, or something completely different? Contact AccuTemp no matter what you’re experiencing! Our air conditioning service experts can identify the problem and remedy it with precision.

Air Conditioning Repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When you’re having trouble with your home cooling, you can trust our NATE-certified and highly skilled technicians to handle the problem with both speed and accuracy. We’ve been serving Baton Rouge for over a decade, so give us a call or contact us online now to get the air conditioner repair you need!

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