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Whether you’ve lived in the Baton Rouge area for 10 years, 10 months, or even 10 days, you don’t need anyone to tell you just how rough our summers can be. Hot, humid days, and nights that are on the rough side of sultry means you need a cooling system that’s powerful and dependable both. To get it, you’ll need experts with extensive skills, top-tier training, and a drive to bring homeowners the absolute best on all fronts. In other words, you’ll need AccuTemp!

For a decade now our experts have been proudly serving Greater Baton Rouge clients, offering a full array of support and cooling services so that you can always rest easy knowing AC professionals are near at hand. Whether you need swift repair services, your seasonal tune-up, or you need a complete cooling system installation, we’re the team you can trust to get the job done right.

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When you need cooling services in Baton Rouge you can trust AccuTemp! Contact us online any time to find out more about our services or to get in touch. Or you can dial (225) 926-2243 to reach an air conditioning expert right away!

Air Conditioning Installation

A proper air conditioning system is your home’s best friend once the summer (and honestly even the spring) starts to settle in. By proper we mean a system that is sized, installed, and optimized according to your specific comfort needs. A system has to be chosen not by its power or by its ratings, but by how capable it is of serving you and your home. At AccuTemp every member of our cooling team is adept at matching the ideal unit to each client, helping ensure you’ll stay comfortable and cost-efficient every single year.

Working on a new construction home in Baton Rouge? AccuTemp can help!

Air Conditioning Replacement in Baton Rouge

There comes a time in every HVAC system’s life when repair just doesn’t cut it anymore. Is your system on its last legs, or just failing to impress? Our NATE-certified specialists can help you find the perfect replacement to help you regain the cool, cost-effective comfort you deserve in your Baton Rouge home.

AC Repair Services

When problems crop up you need more than a piecemeal or token effort. You need a prompt service team that can offer decisive solutions at any time. We are that team! Our repair specialists work at all hours to ensure you get access to complete repair services when you need them most. Whether your problem is as simple as reduced efficiency or as complex as major component repair and replacement, we can offer solutions you can trust at a cost you can be comfortable with.

Complete Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance services are about so much more than a bit of cleaning or cursory inspection. They’re the foundation of a healthy cooling system, and the secret to a long, effective AC lifespan. Our tune-up and maintenance services are complete and thorough, offering the comprehensive cleaning, inspection, checks, lubrication, electrical assessments, and even more that you need in order to remain confident that your air conditioner is working at its optimal effectiveness.

Choose AccuTemp for Residential Air Conditioner Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Repair in Baton Rouge, LA

At AccuTemp we’ve been offering homeowners superior cooling products and services for over a decade. We place a priority on offering you more than just any old service. We want to bring you solutions that are reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective, so you can feel as good about our services as you will in your home once we’re done! We back up our confidence with a Lifetime Craftsmanship warranty and 100% money back guarantee, so you never need to worry with AccuTemp on your side.

Need residential air conditioner services in the Baton Rouge area? Contact AccuTemp online now, or dial (225) 465-0790 to speak with our home service specialists today!

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