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Furnace Replacement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When winter settles in here in Baton Rouge, your furnace has to be able to pump out reliable, even heating—often for weeks or months on end. It can be immensely stressful and frustrating when your furnace falls behind, and especially if furnace repair just doesn’t seem to be bringing you the results you expected. Don’t stress! If you’re struggling with a furnace that falls behind or fails to impress, AccuTemp can offer dependable, cost-effective furnace replacement services.

When you need furnace installation or home furnace replacement in Greater Baton Rouge, LA contact AccuTemp!

How Do I Know When to Replace a Furnace?

Understanding when to replace your electric, oil, or gas furnace is a very important part of keeping your home comfortable and your overall costs down. Our specialists recommend buying a new furnace when:

  • Your current furnace just can’t keep up. Our winters can be very unpredictable, and if your furnace isn’t ready to deal with that, then it’s just time to replace it. No sense in spending on a system that can’t do its job!
  • Your current heating costs are too high. Loss in heating efficiency is a common problem with older units or furnaces that don’t receive proper maintenance. If your utilities have jumped 10-20%, replacing now can avoid even worse values in the future.
  • Repairs are becoming a problem. A one-off repair is fine, of course. But if you shell out for repair after repair, it’s time to go with the less stressful and more cost-effective solution, which is replacing your home furnace.
  • Your furnace is too old. Depending on the type of furnace, you should expect to replace it at around 10-15 years (often 15 or more for a gas furnace). If you hang onto it longer, you place yourself at risk for a huge increase in repair costs and monthly energy bills.

Don’t Try to DIY Your Furnace Replacement

We know that furnace replacement cost is a real concern for pretty much everyone. However, we implore you: understand that HVAC does not belong on a DIY list of to-dos! Not only does the job require extensive knowledge and a professional’s tools, but it can also be very dangerous. A job that should take a single day in a professional’s hands can become days, weeks, or even longer.

A proper furnace replacement and furnace installation require you to understand proper load calculations, furnace sizing, the proper installation process, and both require considerable knowledge of electrical systems. Any mistake at all can lead to wasted money at best, and injury and home damage just as often. And on top of it all, while it’s legal to install your own furnace, permits add to the prohibitive costs of a DIY job. Leave it to the professional contractors in Baton Rouge!

AccuTemp Offers Superior Furnace Products

As a long-time leading provider of HVAC services and systems in Greater Baton Rouge, we know that offering dependable services isn’t really enough. The products we offer have to be of the highest caliber and from the best furnace brands, too. That’s why at AccuTemp we provide leading options from Lennox—a long-trusted and time-tested manufacturer that offers a wide range of products at the best price ranges to suit any budget or heating need.

Residential Furnace Replacement in Baton Rouge, LA

Ready to install a new furnace in your home, or in need of superior furnace services and troubleshooting? With our range of superior products, superior workmanship, and financing options available, we’re the furnace contractors you can count on in Baton Rouge.

Contact AccuTemp today to get your furnace estimate now for your Baton Rouge-area furnace replacement!