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Heat Pump Installation

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Are you tired of struggling against the year-round challenge that is Baton Rouge weather? Maybe looking for a system that offers more performance, a higher efficiency rating—maybe something that’s a little more dependable, too? If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. At AccuTemp we offer superior heat pump installation services for Baton Rouge homeowners!

For over a decade our home heating and cooling service experts have been helping residential clients get the quality products and dependable services they deserve. When you’re thinking about a heat pump installation, our team is the one that can offer you superior solutions across the board! Looking for the best? You can stop looking, then, because you just found us.

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Baton Rouge Heat Pump Installation

As with any home heating or cooling system, it’s unwise to just grab anything and give it a go. In order to get a performance level you can rely on, and in order to optimize the benefits that a heat pump can offer, you need the unit to be sized and selected specifically according to your home and unique needs.

Our experts strive to match you with the ideal heat pump unit, taking into account all of the standard factors that go into choosing the best HVAC system possible. And we go the extra mile, too, double-checking our entire installation process so that we can be 100% certain that we’ve done the best job possible for your heat pump installation project.

The Benefits of Heat Pump Installation from AccuTemp

There are lots of options on the market when it comes to home HVAC, so what makes a heat pump stand out? We’re glad you asked! Heat pumps are a fairly unique option, and so are the benefits they offer:

  • Top-tier energy efficiency. When it comes to keeping costs down while keeping comfort high, heat pumps are king of the castle. By harnessing ambient energy present in our air, a heat pump mitigates much of the energy needed to operate the unit, translating directly into energy savings.
  • A green comfort solution. Due mostly to the high-efficiency ratings offered by the unit, heat pumps are often considered one of the most eco-friendly HVAC options on the market. If you care about your carbon footprint, this is the way to go!
  • Year-round comfort solution. With a heat pump unit in place, you don’t need to worry about pairing a forced air furnace with a cooling system. A heat pump can operate both forward and in reverse, meaning it can heat or cool as needed.
  • High system longevity. When appropriately maintained heat pumps tend to outlast their forced-air counterparts by up to 5-10 years, making them a very cost-efficient HVAC option.
  • Even home comfort. Heat pumps work a little differently than more common home comfort systems. Instead of a blast of air that slowly permeates the home, a heat pump provides steady, whole-home heating and cooling. The result? Even home comfort, with no hot or cold spots!

Heat Pump Installation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Are you ready to get the home comfort you deserve? If so, give AccuTemp a call now, or contact us online for your installation consultation! We’re always here and ready to serve, so never hesitate to reach out to our heat pump specialists for more information!

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