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An interruption in your home comfort is one of those things that just cannot be abided in the Baton Rouge area. Whether we’re talking summer, spring, or even the winter, you need your heat pump system up and running reliably at all hours. Is your system struggling to keep up, or just plain struggling? If you’re looking for heat pump repair, you’ve come to the right place!

At AccuTemp we put your needs first, offering priority heat pump repair solutions that focus on restoring your comfort as swiftly as accuracy will allow. With over 10 years of experience in serving Baton Rouge homeowners and extensive experience in the industry beyond that, we’re uniquely equipped to offer you the best in trustworthy solutions.

Need heat pump repair in Baton Rouge? Contact us any time online to set a date, or for 24-hour emergency service never hesitate to dial (225) 465-0790!

Baton Rouge Heat Pump Repair

When you’re in need of heat pump repair, the last thing you want is a team that wastes time and resources. You want professionals who are on call and ready to help as soon as possible, and you want them to be wholly focused on getting the job done, done right, and done at a price you can be content with.

For all of the above, you can always count on AccuTemp. Our specialists have dedicated themselves to providing leading services and reliable care, and we’ve mastered heat pump systems of all makes, brands, and models.

When Do I Need Heat Pump Repair?

Not all of the problems you might encounter are as obvious as a full-on breakdown. But when it comes to getting repair time is the defining factor, so it’s important to know when to give your repair team a call.

Want to know what you should be watching out for? We’ve got you covered:

  • Mode jamming. Heat pumps use what is called a “reversing valve” to swap between heating and cooling modes. Though not particularly common, it is possible for this valve to jam up, resulting in the inability to change between modes.
  • Loud or odd noises. Strange sounds from any HVAC system will usually mean loose or damaged components. This can be particularly troublesome, as loose equipment can lead to extensive damage if ignored.
  • Unusual odors. Though unusual smells often indicate a lack of maintenance, if left alone for too long they can also result in serious clogs that may result in freezing, leaking, and overheats.
  • Efficiency loss. Most folks pursue a heat pump installation specifically for the high-efficiency level offered by the system, so if you spot a high energy bill it’s often a clear indication of a lurking issue.
  • Poor indoor air quality. Drops in air quality will often relate to duct health or issues deeper in the heat pump equipment. Feel like your home is grungy and dusty all the time? It may be a good sign to schedule a heat pump inspection!

Heat Pump Repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When you need heat pump repair, you want a team that is equipped with the best tools and training in the business, and you want that team to do right by you. You can always trust the professionals at AccuTemp! We make it our number one goal to provide friendly, reliable services that put you first, so never hesitate to contact us when you need a Baton Rouge heat pump repair pro you can trust.

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