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Tesla Car Charging Stations

Electric cars are growing in popularity in the US and beyond. They are a great way to be mindful of Mother Nature while still being highly functional for your day-to-day routine. One downside, however, to electric cars is that it can be difficult to find a spot to charge them.

As part of our electrical services in Hammond and surrounding areas, we install electric car charging stations to help you get the most out of your electric vehicle. While Tesla is the most common charger that we install, we can also install other brands as well. 

What is Required for an Installation?

As a charging station installer, our electricians are required to take out a permit for every installation. The local inspection authority must approve the installation and photos of the end result will be submitted to Tesla for approval, as they like to keep track of all charging stations in their records. 

Every Tesla vehicle also comes with a charger, a NEMA 14-50 plug, that is inserted to the wall. This connector can change amperages that depend on what is available from the panel. High amperage charges Tesla vehicles at a faster rate. For example, for a 100-amp breaker, a Tesla will charge at a rate of 30-44 miles per hour while a 15-amp circuit breaker will charge at a rate of 5-11 miles per hour. 

How Much Does Installation Cost?

There are many variables that impact how much it will cost to install your electric car charger. The average installation cost is around $1,500, but variables include:

  • How far your electrical panel is to the parked car
  • How much amperage is left in the panel to help power the charger
  • The charger’s amperage draw
  • Complications with the electrical route from the panel to the charger

Why Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Going green is becoming an increasingly popular part of society, and electric cars provide many benefits that you may not have considered. You’ll no longer have to stop at a gas station, saving up to $4,000 per year on gas. Maintenance costs are also lower because electric cars don’t use oil to lubricate the engine. Plus, when cared for, batteries in electric cars can last up to 15 years when they are properly cared for. 

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