What’s The Best Temperature For Heater In Winter

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Even mild climates can get a little chilly this time of year. But finding the best temperature for your heater in the winter can be a bit of a balancing act. While you might prefer blasting the heat to a toasty 80 degrees, doing so will likely send your heating bill through the roof. And the rest of your household might have a very different concept of ideal temperatures in the winter.

Deciding on a perfect temperature will always be a subjective matter. That said, many consider 68 degrees to be the best temperature for a heater in winter. It’s warm enough to keep most people comfortable without needing a sweater. And it won’t strain your heating system with a heavy load or your wallet with costly energy bills.

If you’re looking to keep energy costs to a minimum, smart or programmable thermostats are an excellent investment. They allow you to create schedules for heating your home. This makes it easy to save your money by only using your heat when needed. In fact, setting the thermostat 7 – 10 degrees cooler for just 8 hours a day can lower your energy usage and bill by 10%.

Consider lowering the indoor temperature at your home while you sleep, when you’re away at work, or both. By saving energy, you’ll lighten the load on your heating system, lower your utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. And if you’ve noticed cold drafts or heat loss in your house, reach out to a local insulation company like AccuTemp to improve your energy efficiency.

Finding the best temperature for your heater in winter will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences. But keeping your temperature set to a comfortable 68 degrees is a good place to start.