Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial HVAC System

Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial HVAC System

Can you believe September 22nd marks the official start of fall? The year is flying by, and as the seasons change, make sure that your commercial HVAC system is up for the difficult job ahead. As the seasons change, our HVAC contractors near Mandeville encourage you to continue to care for your commercial HVAC system diligently to keep your staff and potential customers safe.

Proactive maintenance can also help cut down on unnecessary repairs and lower your monthly energy bills. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your commercial HVAC system this fall and winter.

Clean & Replace Filters

Just as you monitor and replace your residential HVAC filters, the same should be done for your commercial filters. Doing so can remove potential barriers to air flow and help improve overall air flow in the building. A clean filter also means fresh, clean air will be circulating throughout your commercial property. Continue to change your filters regularly throughout fall and winter.

Schedule Maintenance Before Winter Hits

Fall is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance appointment with our team. Between seasons means that the weather is milder, so we’ll be able to better inspect your system without causing a major disruption.

We recommend getting your system checked over by a professional about twice per year. This is a great way to identify safety hazards, improve air quality, prevent unplanned repairs, and ultimately extend the life of your system.

Test the Furnace

Before the weather continues to get colder, it’s recommended that you test your commercial furnace to make sure that it’s working. If you notice any odd noises or smells coming from your unit, it’s best to call professional HVAC contractors near Mandeville for assistance.

Inspect & Clean the Ducts

Don’t overlook the importance of clean ducts, as they play an important role in effectively heating your space. Inspect your ducts to see if they’re showing signs of wear and tear and be mindful of gaps or holes where heat can escape.

Call a Professional

You may feel confident navigating your commercial HVAC system, but it’s never a bad idea to call into a professional for help. At AccuTemp, our HVAC contractors serving Mandeville and surrounding areas are happy to help inspect your commercial system to ensure there are no red flags.

Call (225) 535-8179 our team today to get started!

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