Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up and Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

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Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up and Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

When the blistering summer months hit the local area, you know how important it is to have crisp, cold air in your home. There is nothing worse than figuring out your air conditioner (AC) needs attention on a hot day.

Skip the sweat and save yourself time and money with an air conditioning company you can trust. Our team of professionals offers exceptional air conditioner (AC) tune-up and cleaning services for homeowners in areas of Louisiana such as Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Marrero, New Orleans, Kenner, Hammond, and Metairie. Give our technicians a call at (225) 244-8826 to receive assistance.

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What is an AC Tune-Up?

AC tune-ups are a crucial step to ensuring your HVAC system is operating to the best of its abilities. During a tune-up, our HVAC specialist confirms that all of the components of the air conditioning system are operating properly.

Each component of the system is then thoroughly cleaned, adjusted, and tested for efficiency. When your system is regularly serviced, you can often prevent AC repair issues, extend the lifespan of your system, and replace parts before the issues become larger and more expensive.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up Services

What Are the Advantages of an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

AC maintenance plays an imperative role in ensuring your home remains comfortable and your air conditioning system is efficient. Most people put off tune-ups until they run into issues. This causes a delay in repairs, creating an uncomfortable environment and often racking up a costly bill.

Since most AC problems are caused by neglect, conducting regular air conditioner (AC) cleanings and tune-ups can significantly prolong the lifespan of your system, prevent breakdowns, and help keep your utility bills down. Without proper maintenance, you are risking spending more money on repairs and having to suffer through the heat—which no one enjoys.

Our Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up Process

A properly cared-for system is an efficient and reliable one. Once our professionals arrive at your home, we perform a variety of steps to clean, inspect, and test your air conditioning system.

Change the Air Filter

Air filters are an essential part of your system. They have the important job of keeping dirt and dust out of your AC system, preventing problems in the long run for you.

We recommend that your air filters be replaced at least 4 times per year. If you have a pet in your house or a member of the family who is prone to allergies or asthma, it’s best to change your air filters every 6 weeks.

Inspect and Clean the Drain Line

Another preventative tune-up step our team performs is inspecting and cleaning the drain line. The drain line is a white pipe, usually on the side or front of your system, that is responsible for keeping condensation away from your indoor unit.

If this line ends up clogged, it can prevent your system from draining condensation properly and lead to your AC leaking water. The drain line should be cleaned regularly for proper function.

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Check Thermostat

Your thermostat is in charge of keeping your home comfortable. If you think you are having an issue with your thermostat, we highly recommend seeking professional help.

Our HVAC professionals at AccuTemp will test, inspect, and adjust any internal wiring to ensure your system functions properly. If necessary, our technicians will recalibrate the thermostat so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Inspect the HVAC Cabinet and Evaporator Coil

During a tune-up, our technicians will remove the front panel of the AC unit to inspect the condition of the evaporator coils, which are typically positioned above your furnace.

The purpose of the coil is to absorb heat from the air in your home. The air then passes over the coil and is redistributed back into your home after it has been cooled.

Evaluate the Drainage Pan

The drain pan sits under the evaporator coil inside your indoor AC unit and requires cleaning for effective use.

During an air conditioner tune-up and cleaning appointment, our HVAC technician will clean the drain pain and inspect it for any damage. When warm air passes over the cold evaporator coils, condensation forms and drips off the coil—the pan collects the moisture keeping parts of your system safe from damage.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up Services

Inspect the Condition of the AC Condenser Unit

Our technicians will complete an inspection of the external condition of the AC condenser. Our staff provides extensive air conditioner (AC) tune-up services for local residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will determine if the AC condenser is level. We will also ensure the unit doesn’t have any rust.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser System

The next step of our air conditioner cleaning services often includes removing the condenser blower fan and cleaning the inside of the condenser unit. Our technicians will ensure that dirt and debris are removed, as well as clean the condenser coils.

Look at the Indoor Blower Motor

The AC blower motor draws air inside your home and pushes it over the evaporator coil. Our professionals offer reputable air conditioning (AC) tune-up services for customers in Metairie, Louisiana and will assess the blower motor in your system for cleanliness, condition, and efficiency.

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Check the Airflow in Your House

The efficiency of your AC system can suffer drastically if there is not proper airflow. When we come to conduct an AC tune-up, we will assess your ductwork, check that vents and registers are open and operating properly, and change the air filter. Once this is complete, we will test the static pressure to determine the efficiency of the airflow.

Test and Adjust Electrical Components

AC condensers are essential to your AC system. To keep your home cool, the unit will circulate refrigerant throughout your AC system to release the heat from your home outside.

Our technicians will test the AC condenser for any internal damages with specialized tools. Additionally, we will assess the electrical components within the AC outdoor condenser. Our professionals will tighten wires and connections, and test the fan motor, contactor, compressor, and capacitor.

Test the Refrigerant Charge

You may be experiencing problems in your home if your AC refrigerant charge is not at the correct level. This means that your AC is leaking refrigerant, which can harm its cooling performance and efficiency. It’s imperative to detect an improper refrigerant charge before you lose cool air this summer in the blistering heat.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up Services

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services in Baton Rouge, LA, and Other Areas

At AccuTemp, we are here to help you keep your home comfortable through the summer. Just like you need routine maintenance on your car, your air conditioner also needs servicing. Save money and maintain peace of mind with our Star Service Plan, which includes two annual HVAC air conditioning tune-up visits!

Our team of technicians offers trustworthy air conditioning tune-up and cleaning services in areas of Louisiana including Estelle, Gretna, Baton Rouge, Harvey, Metairie, New Orleans, and River Ridge. Call our professionals today at (225) 244-8826 to book an appointment.

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