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Slab Leak Repair in Baton Rouge

While there are some plumbing issues that can be fixed using DIY methods, a slab leak is not one of them. In fact, a slab leak is one of the worst plumbing problems a homeowner can face. It could cause massive, costly water damage over time. To detect the source of the leak and properly repair it requires the skills, knowledge, and tools of an expert.

If you suspect a slab leak, reach out to AccuTemp HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing right away for our expert slab leak repair services in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. 

What Is a Slab Leak?

Homes are built on concrete slabs, which can also be referred to as a foundation. Under this slab, you can find some key components of your plumbing system. This includes main water line pipes and sewer lines. A slab leak occurs when one of these pipes bursts or breaks. 

Your slab is a critical aspect of your home’s foundation, and the leaking water can cause the earth around it to shift. When this happens, you not only run the risk of water damage but also expensive damage to the foundation itself. 

Professional equipment is required to access this area of your home, which means water can be leaking without you seeing anything or knowing there’s an issue. Slab leaks can end up causing severe issues in a short amount of time.

Since you need to address the leak ASAP, it’s important to know who to call in case you’re in need of slab leak repair services in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area.

What Are the Signs of a Slab Leak? 

It might be easy to spot a faucet leak, but it’s a lot more challenging to detect a slab leak at your home. However, early detection is key. Left unrepaired, these kinds of leaks can lead to thousands of dollars of property damage.

That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs that indicate a potential slab leak, which include: 

  • A sudden or gradual spike in your water bills
  • Water pooling in areas of your home where it shouldn’t
  • Inexplicably damp carpet or warped hardwood flooring
  • Mold or mildew development (you may only notice the smell of it versus seeing visible mold)
  • A decrease in water pressure
  • A hot water heater that keeps running
  • Unexplained warm spots on the floor
  • The sound of water running when none is
  • A new or unexplained bug problem which could be the result of added ground moisture 

If you’re concerned that you have a slab leak, give AccuTemp a call and learn more about our slab leak repair services in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.

Professional Slab Leak Detection and Repair 

To properly access the leak requires breaking up the concrete foundation of your home. This is best done with professional equipment and plumbers who are trained in this type of repair. At AccuTemp, our Baton Rouge slab leak repair team is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable plumbers. 

They will use various detection and repair tools to make sure that the job is done right as quickly as possible while minimizing the impact on your home and life.

Contact AccuTemp for slab leak repair services in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.

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$500 Off Whole-Home Repipes

Exclusions may apply. Must mention at time of booking.
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