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Whole-Home Humidifiers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Humans have a particular range of humidity in which their bodies function best. Mother nature doesn’t always play along. In the summer, humidity levels soar, causing all sorts of problems, from trapped heat to wood rot. High humidity can be reduced by running your air conditioning and dehumidifier units.

In winter, humidity levels drop. Low humidity can suck the moisture out of your home’s wooden frame, causing the wood to shrink and warp, potentially moving walls and frames slightly and causing cracks to appear in the drywall.

It can also prolong colds and other illnesses that favor the dryness of winter. The low humidity can dry up your sinuses, making it hard to breathe and causing nose bleeds. Your skin becomes brittler and can crack if not taken care of. Your eyes, hair, and skin dry out. The solution is a whole-home humidifier to bring moisture and life back to your Louisiana home.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

Humans generally prefer humidity to be between 30 and 60 percent. Any higher or lower often causes problems. There are many benefits of whole-home humidifiers to your family and your home, especially during the dry winter months.

Improved Health

When your home has low humidity, the air is sucking the moisture out of you to balance out the difference in the water. Your nasal passages, throat, lungs, eyes, and skin are susceptible to low humidity damage. Humidifiers add moisture back into the air, relieving the moisture vacuum.

A moderate humidity level will reduce the severity of allergies and asthma, making it easier to breathe. It can also improve your sleep since your palate is less likely to dry out and cause snoring.

Adding water to the air also helps prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses, such as the common cold and flu. In drier air, viral droplets linger longer by evaporating into smaller aerosols, allowing them to stay afloat longer. Once moisture is added to the air, those droplets get too heavy and fall to the ground faster.

If someone in your household does contract a cold or cough, a higher humidity level can help reduce inflammation and ease congestion.

More Comfort

Putting on lip balm and hand lotion multiple times throughout the day can become annoying, especially if you have trouble remembering where you last put them. Dry eyes and an irritated throat are especially aggravating.

A whole-house humidifier system puts moisture back into the air so that you aren’t losing all your internal water to it. This added moisture also reduces the static electricity that builds up on hair, clothes, pets, and carpet.

Moister air also holds onto heat better and helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures.

Safeguard Your Home & Belongings

Incredibly dry air can pull moisture from your wood and shrink, warp, or crack wood floors, framing, molding, and furniture. Your paint can peel, and your drywall can be shifted from a changing framework. Built-up static electricity can be dangerous to sensitive electronics.

Wooden instruments like guitars and violins are susceptible to dry air damage. Many collectible items (stamps, sports memorabilia, comic books, autographs, and other antiques or collectibles) can also be damaged by extremely dry air. Indoor plants also prefer much more humid environments.

All of this can be prevented by maintaining a 30 to 50 percent humidity range.

Whole-Home Humidifier Installation

Whole-home humidifiers offer a number of advantages over standard portable humidifiers. Whole-house units are more efficient, treating the entire home rather than a single room. A portable humidifier in each room would use significantly more electricity than a single whole-home humidifier.

Whole-home humidifiers also require much less maintenance and upkeep. Portable humidifiers must be refilled often and also require regular cleaning to prevent mold and bacteria in their tanks. They also have to be filled with distilled water, or they will spread mineral dust throughout the air and your home, landing on objects as white dust.

Whole-home units operate in a number of ways, but they hook right up to your waterline with a built-in water filter, meaning you don’t need to worry about refilling a tank or cleaning out mold.

Portable devices also only have a lifespan of around three to five years, whereas whole-home humidifiers have lifespans of ten or more years, and with regular service and the occasional repair, can often last much longer than that.

If you are interested in a whole-home humidifier in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, Louisiana, our expert technicians can install it quickly and professionally. We offer a range of very efficient humidifiers, and our technicians can advise you on the best choice for your home.

Humidifier Repair & Maintenance

Humidifiers, like any other system in your home, need regular maintenance and sometimes repairs. They should be inspected, cleaned, and have filters changed once a year with the rest of your HVAC system. Regular maintenance can significantly extend your humidifier’s life and keep it working properly and efficiently. A clogged line or filter can greatly impact how your humidifier runs.

Contact AccuTemp for maintenance or repairs on your humidifier in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, Louisiana.

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$500 Off Whole-Home Repipes

Exclusions may apply. Must mention at time of booking.
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