Emergency Air Conditioning (AC) Repairs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

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Emergency Air Conditioning (AC) Repairs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

A malfunctioning air conditioner in regions like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, is stressful—but it becomes an emergency in intense heat. Having a functioning air conditioning unit in a region known for its hot and damp conditions is essential, but knowing a team you can turn to when your air conditioning goes out is a preventative measure everyone needs.

The team at AccuTemp is available to help homeowners in emergency situations. Our team of professionals offers immediate and reliable emergency air conditioning (AC) repair services for homes in areas of Louisiana such as Prairieville, Metairie, New Orleans, Laplace, Harvey, River Ridge, and Baton Rouge. Give our staff a call at (225) 238-8495 to book an appointment.

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Signs You Need AC Repairs

An AC usually doesn’t just go out without any warning signs. If your air conditioning unit is showing any of the signs below, a visit from the experts on our team might be in order.

  • Loud or strange sounds: One of the common signs homeowners might encounter is loud or strange sounds coming from their air conditioner. If your air conditioner is making banging noises, it may mean potential complications or faulty parts.
  • Excessive home humidity: Your air conditioning system is meant to remove any humidity in the home during its cooling process. If you are experiencing excessive humidity in your home, it’s a sign of a sizable issue.
  • Electrical issues: Any flickering lights or tripped breakers related to your AC unit can indicate safety hazards for your household as well as other problems.
  • Inadequate cooling performance: If your air conditioning is not keeping up with the cooling demands of your home, it is a likely sign that something is going wrong with the unit.
  • Spike in electric bill: An inefficient air conditioner has to work harder than normal, creating the possibility of higher electrical bills.
  • Foul odors: If you notice any foul odors running through your home’s ventilation system, repairs might be needed. If the maintenance checks don’t prove successful, the use of UV lights on your HVAC system can kill any microbial growth.
  • Frequent cycles: If your air conditioning unit is cycling frequently, this is called short cycling and means the unit likely needs repair. Even on hot summer days, air conditioners should be foregoing a routine cooling cycle.
  • Water or refrigerant leaks: Any water leaks may indicate problems with your drain line or faulty components. Refrigerant leaks can result in a reduced cooling capacity and potential environmental hazards.

If any of these symptoms have manifested in your air conditioning unit, it is a clear sign that AC repair is needed for your home in the local New Orleans area.

New Orleans Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Financing Options for Our Customers

The need for air conditioning (AC) repairs can be unforeseen and costly. This is why AccuTemp offers financing options through GreenSky to alleviate the cost of any emergency AC repairs to fit your budget.

The benefits of financing through GreenSky include:

  • Financing on any major repair or replacement
  • Monthly payments to fit your budget
  • Online account management and bill payment options
  • Special terms promotions available (ask for details)

Some of the financing options available through GreenSky include reduced rates for 120 months, a fixed rate of 12.99% for 120 months, and no interest if paid in full in 12 months.

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Our Star Service Plan

Continuous tune-ups on your air conditioning unit is a healthy routine that should be practiced by homeowners. Not only will routine maintenance save you money, but it will also help prevent the possibility of dealing with unforeseen emergency AC repairs in your home.

AccuTemp proudly provides a Star Service Plan that aims to inspect customers’ HVAC units for damage, room for improvement, functionality checks, and safety checks, and to inform homeowners of any necessary updates.

AccuTemp’s Star Service Plan includes these benefits for local homeowners:

  • Two HVAC visits per year
  • 15% off repair
  • Zero dispatch fees when repairs are made
  • Tests and inspections of all safety control devices
  • $25 per month payments
  • Maintain condensate drain lines to stop biological growth
  • Checks and cleans the outdoor coil
  • Treats system with Bio Fresh antifungal deodorizer
  • Inspects and records all motor amperages
  • Disassembly and sanitization of the outdoor coil
  • Checks and records temperature differential across evaporator coil
  • Inspects and tests all start components
  • Confirms proper airflow through static pressure testing
  • Audits thermostat operation and calibrates as needed
  • Adjustment of refrigerant charge up to 2 lbs (Excludes R22)
  • Determines refrigerant operating pressures
New Orleans Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Top 5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Your House and Ways Our Team Can Help

When your air conditioning isn’t properly cooling your home in areas such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans, discomfort can strike fast. There are five common reasons as to why your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home.

1. Thermostat is Not Set Correctly

The first place homeowners should look when their home isn’t getting properly cooled is the thermostat. There is a chance your thermostat is configured incorrectly. Alternatively, the thermostat may be set in heating mode.

Once the thermostat settings have been checked, we recommend checking the registers in your house for cold air. If cold air still hasn’t started, move on to the air filters.

2. Contaminated Air Filter

Some air conditioners include an air filter in or around the indoor air handler unit. The air filter catches various degrees of debris to maintain the cleanliness of the air conditioner, and when the air filter gets too dirty, it can block airflow and reduce cooling throughout the home.

Turn your air conditioning off, remove the air filter, and inspect it. If the air filter looks clean, the source of the warm air in your house may be a dirty condenser system.

3. The Condenser System is Blocked

One reason your air conditioner is not lowering the outside temperatures entering your home is the possibility of a blocked condenser.

Our professionals offer superior air conditioning repair services for customers in New Orleans, Louisiana and will perform an inspection of your condenser unit. If we find debris on your condenser, we will clean it to improve airflow. We are available to fix your dirty condenser system and keep your property cool throughout the summer.

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4. Frozen Evaporator Coil

One of the indoor components of your air conditioner is the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is tasked with removing heat and humidity from the incoming air and then providing cooler air for the home.

Signs your evaporator coil may be frozen include:

  • Frost buildup on copper refrigerant tubing coming from coil cabinet
  • Inadequate cooling
  • Higher utility bills
  • Excessive condensate drainage near the indoor unit
  • In extreme cases, frost builds up on exterior refrigerant lines or the outdoor unit

Getting to the evaporator coil is a difficult task, and if this is indeed the problem behind your lack of cool air, contacting a local HVAC professional on our team is the best route to go for homeowners.

5. Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is a chemical crucial to cooling your home. Depending on how bad the leak is, it can result in inadequate cooling, longer cycles of no cool air, or even cause the compressor to become damaged and induce a system shutdown.

Our team of technicians provide reputable 24-hour air conditioner (AC) repair services for local residents in Metairie, Louisiana and have the training required to detect and fix refrigerant leaks in your system.

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Most Common Types of Air Conditioning Problems

There are several reasons as to why homeowners may experience air conditioning problems. These are the most common types of problems homeowners may encounter at some point when owning a home with central air conditioning.

Air Conditioner Not Working at All

Homeowners may find that their home air conditioning isn’t working at all. Whether the air isn’t blowing, or the motor isn’t running, homeowners should start with checking their thermostat to confirm it has working batteries and if that is not the case, reset the circuit breaker.

You Have a Leaky System

Air conditioning units are susceptible to excessive fluid and condensation, possibly creating a leaky system. The condensate line and other lines and pipes may become clogged with debris.

Our team of specialists provide extensive AC repair services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will work with you to prevent blockages in your system. In worst-case scenarios, the drain line can get backed up and flood your home. To prevent water damage on your property, we recommend contacting our staff to receive support with a defective air conditioning system.

Uneven Cool Air Distribution

Members of the household might find that some rooms get colder than others. Depending on the size of the rooms, air vent placement, windows, and exterior temperatures, you may encounter uneven air circulation throughout the home.

System is Loud

If homeowners suddenly hear that their AC unit is louder than normal, it might mean that the unit is struggling. Failing air conditioners may induce screeching or squealing sounds if there is a faulty belt, or rattling sounds stemming from problems with the motor, fans, or compressors.

New Orleans Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair Services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

If homeowners encounter signs of a failing air conditioning unit or their system has completely failed, AccuTemp provides 24-hour air conditioning repair services to help you through tough situations.

We offer 24-hour air conditioning repair services for customers in areas of Louisiana including Terrytown, Hammond, New Orleans, Prairieville, Estelle, Metairie, and Gretna. Our professionals are available to help you restore your system seven days a week. When you run into problems with your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to call AccuTemp at (225) 238-8495 and request immediate repairs.

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Financing Options Available

At AccuTemp, we understand how important it is for your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems to function in your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.

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Star Service Plan

Well-maintained HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about the Star Service Plan offered by AccuTemp Services.

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