How to Find the Right Humidity Level In Your Home

How to Find the Right Humidity Level In Your Home

We’re all aware that humidity can impact us outdoors, but skewed humidity levels indoors can also be a challenge. Part of the responsibility of our HVAC company in Covington is helping families and businesses achieve the ideal humidity level. Here is some helpful information from our team at AccuTemp to help you navigate your home’s humidity levels this summer.

First, Measure the Relative Indoor Humidity Level

Using a hygrometer is one of the easiest ways to efficiently measure your home’s humidity level.  A hygrometer acts as an indoor thermometer in addition to a humidity monitor. If you don’t have this tool laying around your home, consider one of the following methods to pinpoint your home’s humidity level.

  • The ice cube method: All you need for this method is a glass of water and some ice cubes. Simply fill the glass and add 2-3 ice cubes and wait for about four minutes. It’s best to place the glass in an unoccupied space, so avoid placing it on the kitchen counter. Then, check to see if there is condensation on the glass. If you notice your glass is “sweating” or dripping on the outside, this means your humidity levels are likely too high. However, if there is absolutely no condensation forming, your humidity levels may be too low.
  • Wet & dry bulb thermometer temperatures: You’ll need two regular glass thermometers for this test. You’ll leave one thermometer as it, and this will act as the dry thermometer. For the second thermometer, wrap a moistened cotton ball (using room-temperature water) around the bottom of it and secure it with a rubber band. After 5-6 minutes, check the temperatures on both and find the depression value by subtracting the wet-bulb temperature from the dry-bulb temperature. From there, you’ll be able to retrieve the humidity levels.

Where Should Humidity Levels Be?

You may not know exactly where your home’s humidity levels should be. Keep in mind that the right humidity levels alter based on the season. In the summer, humidity levels should be 40-50 percent. Levels above 60 percent will cause your home to become muggy and moist. During the winter, humidity levels will be lower, hovering around 30-40 percent. Generally speaking, humidity levels should be in the 45-55 percent range year-round During routine HVAC installation appointments in Covington, we will discuss with you your home’s humidity level and answer any questions that you may have.

Managing Indoor Humidity Levels

If you’re uncomfortable in your home and your HVAC system is working as it should be, your humidity levels may be to blame.

If your humidity levels are too high, here are some approaches to help naturally lower them:

  • Consider adding houseplants to your space to naturally absorb excess humidity
  • Invest in a dehumidifier
  • Turn on exhaust fans
  • Try to shorten your showers or take showers that use colder water
  • Don’t use the dryer to dry your clothes, as they can add moisture into the air and cause your clothes to take even longer to dry
  • Clean your air conditioning filters on a regular basis

On the other hand, if your humidity levels are too low, here are some tips to increase them naturally.

  • Invest in a large-room humidifier to release extra humidity into the air
  • Use an indoor clothing rack to dry your clothes, as the moisture will release into the air as they dry
  • Locate your vents and place open containers of water near them
  • Spray water into the air to help create moisture

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