Help My AC Unit Keeps Shutting Off

Help My AC Unit Keeps Shutting Off

With the weather finally shifting into decidedly warmer days, now is not the time for an air conditioning issue. And yet here you sit, your air conditioner kicking in just long enough to get your hopes up before it kicks right back off.

Don’t stress too much! The experts at AccuTemp are here, and we’ve seen this many times before. Follow along while we go over the possible causes, what they mean, and what to do about them.

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A Quick Intro to Air Conditioner Short Cycling

The problem you’re experiencing is called, as the header suggests, short-cycling. Your AC divides its active and inactive time into “cycling on” and “cycling off,” and in the case of a short-cycle the air conditioner is rapidly swapping between these two states. This can happen for quite a few reasons, which is why you might be a little frustrated or confused right now. The good news is that most of these problems are easily identified, and many can even be handled by you.

Was Your Air Conditioner Installed Recently?

This is probably the least common cause on the list, but it bears mentioning first because it’s easy to identify. If your system was installed within the past year or two, and especially if you’ve had this issue since installation day, then it’s possible (if not likely) that the air conditioner that was installed was simply too large for your home or that the thermostat was poorly placed.

It Might Be Air Flow!

Air flow issues are probably the most common cause of short-cycling, and if handled quickly enough they’re also the easiest to fix. To start check your air filter, and then check the vents and registers around your home. A dirty filter or blocked vent can choke and over pressurize the cooling system, resulting in the AC overheating and cycling off or going into safety mode as a result.

Did You Forget to Schedule AC Maintenance?

Filters aren’t the only place a clog can crop up, and many components failing can also cause overheating. Avoiding short cycling and similar issues is one of the most important reasons to get maintenance, since it clears away these messes and identifies component problems like a blower motor complication early on before they get out of hand.

Refrigerant Issues Can Cause Short Cycling, Too.

Or, more accurately, they’re likely to cause frost or ice to form on the unit, which will then lead to overheating or short-cycling. This one is a little more difficult for a homeowner to identify, but you might be able to spot the issue by checking for any puddles of water or excess moisture around the air conditioning unit, either indoor or outdoor. Keep in mind that puddles of water tend to mean freezing, but they don’t always mean a refrigerant leak. It’s best to call in an expert right away if you notice puddles or dripping!

Contact AccuTemp for AC Repair in Baton Rouge

We can say with fair confidence that you can handle the air filter in your home, or moving a carpet away from a vent. But the majority of possible causes on this list should not be handled by a homeowner! Let our pros take care of it—we’ve got the tools and training necessary to get you back to being cool and comfortable in no time!

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