Star Service Plan

We’re experts at heating and AC, but we also do so much more.  

With a Star Service Plan, you can have AccuTemp’s team of electricians visit your home and inspect your electrical equipment for any damage, improvements, functional checks, as well as inform you of any necessary updates. We also make safety checks, to ensure that your electrical panel and wiring are 100% safe and up to current codes. It’s our job to make you comfortable, and our Star Service Plan makes sure that comfort never falters.

Importance of Routine Maintenance 

While you enjoy the refreshing cool air from your indoor AC, over time, dirt accumulates, components weaken or fail, and you risk a system failure during the extreme heat and humidity of a South Louisiana summer. Even worse, you risk a costly repair or replacement bill. Your budget and home comfort are too important to leave to chance. Ask AccuTemp about becoming a Star Service Plan member.

Our routine maintenance package will include system tune-ups twice a year to save you serious cash and headaches down the road.

Star Service Plan

All for $25 a month

Two HVAC Visits Per Year

One Electrical Visits Per Year 

15% Off Repairs 

Zero Dispatch Fees

Yearly Replacement Rebate

Test and Inspect All Safety
Control Devices

$25/mo Monthly Payments 

Check and Tighten All Electrical

Inspect Heat Exchanger for
Cracks and/or Leaks

Additional Benefits of Our Star Service Plan 

Test Thermostat Operation and Calibrate as Needed

Treat Condensate Drain Lines to Prevent Biological Growth

Check and Record All Motor Amperages

Inspect and Test All Start Components

Check and Record Refrigerant Operating Pressures

Operating Pressures

Inspect and Rinse Outdoor Coil

Disassemble and Clean Outdoor Coil

Check Carbon Monoxide Levels

Clean and Adjust Burners as Needed

Clean and Adjust Flame Sensor

Inspect and Clean Cooling Coil in Place as Needed

Treat System with Bio Fresh Antifungal Deodorizer

Measure and Record Temperature Differential Across Evaporator Coil

Verify Proper Airflow Through Static Pressure Testing

Adjustment of Refrigerant Charge Up to 2lbs *Excludes R22

Accutemp Service Area Map

Our Service Area 

  • Ascension Parish
  • East Baton Rouge Parish
  • Livingston Parish
  • Northshore
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