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Michael 1.0

High-pressure sales tactics and extremely high prices.

Emerita Urbina
Emerita Urbina 1.0

So I had two people come out and unfortunately my air still didn't work correctly. I'm having to turn my air on and off from my outside box which caused my energy bill to become extremely high this past month from air constantly blowing into the home

Cindy Tracy
Cindy Tracy 5.0

I am pleased with the service today from Accutemp on a routine checkup on my A/C as it had been 4 years since the unit was installed with no problems since. I had a minor issue and Tim Roman found the cause very quickly. He is so courteous and wanted ...to make everything in perfect working order at a reasonable price. Thanks Tim!Read More...

R Hill
R Hill 5.0

Accutemp came to go through our electrical systems, and A/C units after a lightning strike this past week. We called Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at 8am we had an electrician out, followed by an A/C technician, and then a Design Consultant. Tyler ...did a very thorough evaluation of our electrical issues, and then Joey went through our A/C issues along with his apprentice Dren. Ken, the Design Consultant came out after Joey and is working up options to repair/replace our A/C unit that was fried. Thank you all for the great work!Read More...

Ford Terrill
Ford Terrill 5.0
karl bryant
karl bryant 1.0

Damien and Jamie did an excellent job at installing a new HVAC system in my home. Those guys were very professional and knowledgeable. Great service is hard to find these days. My wife and I really appreciate the courteousness of the staff at Accutemp. ...The support team was always on call and understood the value of communication!Read More...

Derek Adair
Derek Adair 1.0
Kishore Gadde
Kishore Gadde 1.0

The technician came in for a/c tuneup. It was supposed to cost $262 ($131 for each unit). He completed the tuneup in about half hour and then went on upselling various services and cornered me into accepting that without the repairs, the units would blow ...up and my ceiling could come crashing down. He came up with an estimate of around #2,700. When asked to drop repairs that were not absolutely necessary, he reduced the price to around $2,175.33. He completed this additional work in 30 minutes, and said much of the work does not have a warranty. He spent a total of 1 hr either cleaning or repairing the a/c units and 1.5 hrs pressuring me to accept unreasonably high and inflated costs. In the end, I was not even given a receipt with detailed costs. UPDATE: After I complained about not even receiving an invoice, they emailed me an invoice 3 days later, which showed inflated charges. They charged $1913.33 for the following 4 items: 1) replace contactor; 2) replace capacitor; 3) add 1-3 lb of refrigerant; 4) install a start kit. When I searched for the cost of the parts, they turned out to be dirt cheap. For example, the capacitor and contactor cost less than $25 each. I was told that the refrigerant was expensive. The invoice says 1-3 lb! Did the technician add 1 lb or 3 lb, or added 1 lb and lied about adding 3 lb? Keep in mind that all this work was completed in half hour. Yes, the cost was $1913.33 for half hour work. The disclaimers and disclosures on the invoice were never shown to me. I was shown a box to sign and the text on top of the signature box was not there on the electronic tablet given to me to sign. The following text shows up on the invoice above my signature, but it was hidden on the tablet (or it was on the previous page and never shown t me) when it was given to me to sign: By signing this authorization, I agree to the repairs and pricing offered to me today. I have heard repair/replacement options and have chosen what I think is best for my home at this time. I agree to move forward with recommendations as indicated and agree that the price for this service is appropriate and reasonable. Additionally, by signing, I agree to be contacted via email for marketing purposes. I never would have agreed that the price was appropriate and reasonable. I never would have agreed to be contacted via email for marketing purposes. When I made the appointment and they asked for my email, I specifically emphasized that the email was meant only for confirming appointment and sending invoice, but they MUST not send marketing mail. Yet, they trapped me into agreeing by hiding the message from the signature page. Customers should be aware when you authorize their service, you must agree to receive their junk email. There is no option to disagree. Based on my horrible experience with AccuTemp, my impression is that it is a dishonest, deceitful business that inflates costs and traps customers with hidden fees, hidden disclosures, and hidden disclaimers.Read More...

Adam Schupbach
Adam Schupbach 1.0

I called AccuTemp to have my air conditioner looked at because when I got home from work Thursday evening 06/17/21 it was blowing hot air out the vents. When the service tech got there Friday morning the air conditioner was working good but he still ...wanted to take a look. He said my contactor and capacitor were bad and should be replaced for $672 dollars. It took a whole 15 minutes and after he left I looked the parts up on Amazon and the contactor was $15 and the capacitor was $25. I feel like I was robbed. These people are after money and will take advantage of you. Beware!!!Read More...

Christopher Bordelon
Christopher Bordelon 1.0

I called AccuTemp to have my AC serviced and my thermostat replaced. The gentleman that came out was super friendly but stated he was unfamiliar with my unit and may need assistance. He looked over the unit and proceeded to replace a switch at the cost ...of about 300.00 and said he would test the unit and replace the thermostat and I should be good to go. I paid another 225.00 to replace the thermostat (that I had previously purchased). The tech installed the thermostat and my unit stopped working. He called for assistance and said he would need to get a senior tech out the next day to check the unit as he was not sure what was wrong. The next day two guys arrived and discovered the thermostat was installed incorrectly. I asked if the part he installed really needed to be replaced and all three said they were not sure. I was told that my unit has a leak and when I asked if it was able to be repaired I was told they did not know because they had not checked for leaks. Then how do you know? All I kept hearing is I should replace the unit because it is old. Each time I asked what specifically was wrong they said they did not know. I was told by one of the guys he should not even be on this call as it was out of his league. I was told not to thro money at this unit and I then asked why the guy the day before replaced a part at a 300.00 cost and I just got a blank stare. So I am now out 555.00 and still have no clue what is wrong (if anything) with the unit. They did not hesitate to schedule a design consult for replacement. I am not opposed to replacement but I am trying to make an educated decision on if indeed it should be replaced. You don't replace a car because you need a new tire! I would say look elsewhere for you AC needs unless you are looking for a new install or a full replacement. If they can't install a thermostat correctly why would I trust them with a new unit and it took 4 guys to tell me nothing is specifically wrong why would I trust them to replace the entire unit?Read More...

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