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Your Perfect Licensed Electrician in Baton Rouge, LA

When you’re looking for electrical repair, installation or general home electrical maintenance, AccuTemp is the place to get help. Our electricians can make sure your residential or commercial HVAC system is appropriately wired to reduce AC repairs and more.

Licensed to Care

Whether your electrical issue is simple or complex, our team of licensed electricians makes all the difference. We work to make sure all your electrical equipment is functioning at optimal performance, by evaluating your system, making the repair suggestions and performing repairs and upgrades. Each of our technicians are certified and licensed to care for your repairs meticulously. Our Baton Rouge, LA team of licensed technicians makes sure you are satisfied with the repairs, down to each switch and power outlet.

Working With a Residential Electrician

What does it mean to work with a residential electrician in Baton Rouge, LA? Our AccuTemp electricians can switch out old electrical systems with quality and exquisite craft. Your technician is your service provider and will be able to keep you informed of the repair process, from the evaluation phase to the end result. Residential repair work may include ceiling fan repairs, house or apartment rewiring, electrical system upgrades, home theatre wiring, general home electrical maintenance and much more. No matter the complexity of your residential electrical needs, AccuTemp will handle each appointment with precision, care and expertise.

Electric Installation Services

Each electric installation service for a Baton Rouge, LA, home or apartment is unique. Technicians need to complete installations with quality parts, products and excellent service. Our electric installation services include breaker panels, ground wires, ceiling fans, outlets and switches. We take care to explain each process in detail, including helping you understand the electrical system in your home. A detailed explanation of your electrical system includes giving you options to update or replace your system at the most cost-effective rate. Our technicians will never leave you in the dark.

Top Electrical Repair Assistance

AccuTemp goes above and beyond to make your home energy efficient. To that end, we dedicate ourselves to performing repairs that will get your home running efficiently—all at reasonable cost points. Our licensed electricians will handle either general or more difficult electrical repairs, which may include outlet and switch repair, breaker panels or ceiling fan repairs. When more complicated repairs— such as rewiring of the electrical system—is needed, we pride ourselves on keeping all clients informed of their options and our techniques. Timely repairs are essential to keep your home running and your life easier. There is no repair too minor for our licensed technicians to handle.

We welcome all electrical issues, big or small. Let AccuTemp help you today!